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Of course it is an old preconception that during their study period students party all the time and having breakfast at 7 pm on the following day. But contemporary study conditions don’t allow a long standing  behavior like this.            
But there should be a little bit of fun during study period and therefore in cologne are many opportunities to be sourrounded by one´s own kind to have parties. Particularly in cologne you find quick connection as a student and soon you don´t need a “party-guide” anymore.

But freshman students and university changer who don´t know their way around should be given a little overview here:

Why travel so far? One party-location in cologne any student should have seen is the ”Unicum” to be found in Universitätsstraße 16 from students for student: Every thursday during semester  the AStA disco takes place here. At beginning of semester many study fields hold their parties there but also students from other fields are welcome so you get to know other people from other study fields like: Sinologist, area studies, business studies, german philology and anglicist studies. As mentioned before every field hold its own parties.

One of the best known party-locations for students in cologne is ”das ding”. Originally established from students for students in the 60s but even today it offers  budget-priced parties for students. Attention: Only those who have a valid student ID get access.

Who walks from the ”Unicum“ to ”das ding“ crosses the study nightlife district and passes the Kyffhäuser Straße. This and the Zülpicher Straße form the Kwartier Latäng or better known among older students as the “bermuda triangle” of cologne.

Countless pubs, bars and clubs offer something for every taste: Cocktail-Bar or Pub, Minipizza, Döner oder luxury Hamburgers – as a student you have to struggle to find a reason not to come here as you bump into other party students every night.

As special locations there should be named the “MTC” a rock disco where many bands perform. Aside Kyffhäuser Straße but still within walking distance and the “Luxor” with its changing program and live-gigs.

Not only for students but also a location you have to know as a student is the “Venus Keller”. For about 30 years the night is turned into day. Just a pub but almost every night a party holds place in there ( sunday it is a bit more quiet ). The operators got used to it and open just around midnight. Around 3 am it is mostly really full – and not only the pub is full most students are too ;-)

We recommend students to walk up the way Kyffhäuser Straße coming from Barbarossaplatz and at its end ( at Filmdose ) at Zülpicher Strasse turn sharp right walking back direction Zülpicher Platz.

If you don´t get it managed or fail to get around the whole way just start up next time from the other way around.

In Kyffhäuser Strasse is at first on the right hand the ”Phoenix“ a pub frequented in parts by persons in the medical proffessions. At the next corner you find “Manni´s Rästaurang“ an old established restaurant with civil prices. Opposite is the “Pacific Bar“ wich is much vaunted for its Cocktails. On the other side “Nomen est Omen“ and the “Tankstelle“ – a pub where sometimes a poker round or billiard is played.

Also well known for its Cocktails is the ”Old-School Cocktailbar” – so you can choose between ”Pacific Bar” and the ”Old School” and compare prices.

„Heavy“ it gets a bit ahead in the “Cave“ – it is a big pub with billiard and table soccer but most notably for: Hardrock and Metal. Who missed ”Rammstein“ will find it here.

So take your way through “Kwartier Latäng!“ and find out