Public Viewing in Cologne


Not only in the Müngersdorf Stadion is the atmosphere in our football carzy city superb – in general the cologne people party with a lot of passion, also football. Fortunatly at a lot of places transmit games and that the FC is preferred is only in the nature of things. Also a lot of bars wich beside the FC Games specialized on all other German Bundes League Games. That’s probably because a lot of Immigrants ( Immis ) can not forget their “Home Football Club”   

Of course many other international sport events are transmitted too. For example the Football EM 2012 was shown in the Cinenova on a big cinema screen. Also the beergardens in cologne involved on public viewing when the weather was appropriate. Like the beergarden Aachener Weiher or the Underground in Ehrenfeld. In- and around the Lanxess-Arena most of the games were shown in front of 85000 people.

International visitors of cologne don´t have to worry to watch a game of their Champions-League Team. Notably in the cologne city centre most of the bars transmit these games. In the suburbs of cologne it looks quite the same.

But coming back to the German Bundes League and the Immigrants ( Immis ) wich still loyal to their Clubs:

BVB-Fans can watch all the games of their team in Ehrenfeld. The "Klimbim" on Gutenbergstr. 66 has build up a little fanbase for the Borussia Dortmund Team, who it´s said to revel party the games.

The  "Berrenrather" on Berrenrather Strasse in Sülz marked them self as the Swabian-Abroad-Base oft he VfB Stuttgart.

The HSV is in the "Boogaloo" on Roonstr. 19 based. All games of the Hamburg SV are shown there. Only when the HSV is free from play, games of the 1. FC Köln are transmitted. These should not be a problem during season.

All games of the FC St. Pauli are shown in the "Limes Cologne" onr Mülheimer Freiheit 150.The "Kölschbar" on Lindenstrasse 56 near Rudolfplatz is since years the address around games oft he FC Cologne. At superb football atmosphere it gets suitable busy. Fortunatly this is not a problem for the fast and friendly staff.

The "Tankstelle" has also as Hometeam the 1. FC Köln but also shows international games and other games on request (if enough interested appear). When, wich game is shown you find Here.

For Bavarian Fans it gets a little morer difficult in Cologne – hopefully they get happy in the "Piranha" on Kyffhäuser Str. 28a here meets up a connive Bavarian Fan Base.

Werder Bremen will be shown in the Season 2012 in the "Flotte".
Also the "
GreenBar" has it´s name not out of the blue. If Bremer plays then it´s a Werder-Bar.

Schalker Fans meet the likes of them dependably in the "Pegel Köln" on Brüsseler Str. 10 in Belgischen Viertel ( Belgium Quarter ).

You know other Bars wich show a particular "Hometeamt" then give us a note by our Kontaktformular.