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Party in Cologne....thats easy to say as everybody likes different kind of parties. But fortunately there is for every group and occasion the fitting one.

Party-Cologne informs about all kinds of parties like: Cocktailparties, student parties, parties for the under 30s, the over 30s (Ü30), the over 40s (Ü40). We also show you how to organise Hen- and Stagnight parties. Gay- and Lesbian parties should be mentioned as well as cologne is the gay capital of germany. Not to forget Techno, Punk, Hip Hop, Indie or Emo parties. Big events like CSD ( Christopher Street Day ), Europride, Amphi-Festival, Summer Jam at Lake Fühlingen and last but not least: Carnival. Step by step we will present cool, small party locations in Cologne and the surrounded areas.

You see, there are lots of possibilities to party in Cologne and we will not be able to mention them all. Calenders of Events in the magazine : Stadtrevue and Kölner but unfortunate only in german. What our page is trying to do is to inform people from foreign countries how to find party locations in cologne and meet people there of the same interests. And who knows from there on you will get invited to other locations or parties all over the city.

We are always open for any new informations and tips about parties wich are here not mentioned. Maybe with some little details like date, entrance fee and location. Just a short mail is all we need.

Enjoy and have fun in the party city Cologne